"To know the truth is to make you free."

Edgar Cayce, the most renowned psychic of the 20th century, said it is everyone’s birthright to communicate with Source and listen to that still small voice coming from within one’s soul—a voice that guides and inspires us to find the answers that lie within. That is the essence of Inspirational Writing.


Inspirational Writing—or Soul Writing as I prefer to call it—is a transformational tool that gives the writer a perspective that would have otherwise eluded him/her when in a conscious state. It is a form a channeling—a method of communication that accesses information from a higher source emanating from one’s soul. Some people believe that source is God. Others credit their guardian angels or spirit guides, while still others believe it is their higher self or subconscious mind. 

I have been dong inspirational writing for 23+ years and have found it an invaluable tool in my soul’s growth. Cayce said: “To know the truth is to make you free” (323-2),  and I can think of no better way for uncovering that truth than through inspirational writing. As one of my research participants wrote: “This experience is a door opener that is extraordinary in its potential.”

Just a little about me. I have been involved with Edgar Cayce’s Association for Research and Enlightenment (A.R.E.) since the late 1980s when I became one of the founding members of the A.R.E. Heartland Region in Chicago. I served on the Executive Core Team for that region for six years and presented several programs to Chicago area members. Since August 2008, I have been the coordinator for the A.R.E. Charlottesville area where we host monthly programs on transpersonal topics (see www.arecville.org).

I have been professionally pursuing past-life research for over 20 years. In October 1991 I founded PLEXUS (Past Life Exploration, Understanding and Sharing) in Naperville, IL. I brought that to Charlottesville under the name Athanasy in 1995 while acting as Study Group Chairman for the Association for Past-Life Research and Therapies.

A graduate of the Eastern Institute of Hypnotherapy through which I earned my CHt (Certified Hypnotherapist), I completed additional training in hypnosis at the College of DuPage in Glen Ellyn, IL and studied under Dr. Irene Hickman, a pioneer in the field of non-directive hypnotherapy.

I am a graduate of Atlantic University, earning my Master’s Degree in Transpersonal Studies and Spiritual Mentor certification in 2010. My culminating project (thesis) was on Inspirational Writing and became the basis of my new book, Soul Writing: Conversing with Your Higher Self.

This website is new and is still in the process of being developed. It is my intent to share my writings, teach you how to do it, and provide you with opportunities to explore the endless possibilities this incredible tool has to offer.Visit the Workshop page to hear about the talks I am giving on this subject, and how you can bring this workshop to your area. I look forward to hearing from you and your experiences!

Joanne DiMaggio, M.A., CHt

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E-Mail: joanne@soulwriter.net

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